Clan War Rules

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Clan War Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:29 pm

First of all, check your war base layout! Make sure your Town Hall is centered and well-guarded!


Max your Clan Castle potential!
- NEWBIES, there's a difference between troop donations to the Clan Castle via the clan chat you request and the War Castle with troops that will defend your War Base during Clan War. We recommend you to request for either Witches, Wizards or Dragons and fill it up with Archers to defend your War Base.

Always mind the Clan Castle first!
  -When scouting the base you should click on the Clan Castle to see the radius and make a plan how you can pull the Clan Castle Troops and kill them. You can’t attack if they are alive! Some Troops are able to completely wipe out your whole attack and you don’t have second tries in Clan War. SO PLEASE KILL CC TROOPS FIRST!

As much as possible, Please use your high level troops!

Scout and Replay!
-If you see that an enemy War Base got only destroyed for 1 star from one of your clan mates, check out the replay.
-If it's your first time in Clan War, watch the replays from previous attacks or watch it live! It's not pay per view, it's 100% free! Watch and Learn, guys!


*Rank 1-5 = CLEAN UP TEAM
》Will start cleaning up 6 hrs before war will end.
》Can attack counterpart or lower rank during clean up.

*Rank 6-25 = ATTACK TEAM
》1st attack must be used within 12 hrs. After that, anyone can steal any one else's mirror. So don't be mad when someone already attacked yours when you are late!
》2nd attack.For clean-up! Please use this wisely. Don't think about the war loot. Think of winning first. After all, the loot is useless if we lost.

For both teams:

If you think you don't have a chance against your mirror, let your co-leads know so they can assign you against someone else!


                                                      ***KEEP CALM AND KEEP ON CLASHING!***


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